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Engineered quantum agents workshop

10-12 February 2021

Engineering intelligent quantum agents

An interdisciplinary workshop to explore quantum intelligent agents, drawing on perspectives from physical sciences, philosophy, and social science.

We are interested in quantum intelligent agents that exploit the laws of quantum physics to out-perform current artificial agents.

This workshop aims to address several important questions:

  1. What best defines the scope of this advantage? (thermodynamics, learning rates, error profile, classical controls etc).
  2. What are the societal implications of designing such machines and how can we responsibly create them?
  3. Do quantum intelligent agents need to emulate their environment in order to have agency?
  4. In what way does embodiment constrain and/or enrich agency? How might this apply to quantum agents?

Practical information
The workshop will be held at Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The resort is a 90 minute drive from Brisbane or 30 minute drive from the Sunshine Coast domestic airport at Maroochydore.

We have booked accommodation (two bedroom apartments with kitchen) at the conference venue for arrivals on the evening of February 9.

Breakfast and Wifi is included.

All meals will be covered by the conference from breakfast on Wednesday, February 10 to lunch on Friday, February 12.

Gerard Milburn, Howard Wiseman, Eric Cavalcanti, Hans Briegel, Huw Price, Peter Evans, Kate Devitt, Amelia Radke, Tara Roberson, Michael Kewming, Sally Shrapnel

Program available here

Organising committee
Sally Shrapnel, Peter Evans, Michael Kewming, Tara Roberson, Gerard Milburn

Code of conduct
We abide by the EQUS code of conduct.

For further information, please contact Tara Roberson (

This conference is supported by funding from FQXi and the Australian Research Council.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and original custodians of the lands on which we meet, the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi people.